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About me

I am an experienced Videographer and Motion Designer with a background in graphic design and a passion for creating engaging video content for brands, businesses and independent artists in today's rapidly-changing industry.
I've been creating video content for almost a decade and have skills in filming, editing, motion design and visual communication. I've continued to build on these skills and apply them to to my work, helping to make other people's creative visions come to life.


digital glue.png

Digital Glue

"While working on a number of animations for our client, Jonny creatively came up with solutions that demonstrated a high level of skill. He was in constant communication and his efficiency ensured that we kept to our timeline. His hard work, effort and contribution throughout the process were reconfirmed after a smooth client review with minor amends. The project was a success for us, but most importantly for our client, who is thrilled with the animations Jonny created. We look forward to working on more projects with you!"


UK Designer Expo

"It's always a pleasure working with Jonny. He has a special way of bringing ideas to life, adding creativity to anything he touches."



"Great work Jonny, very happy with your performance and creativity, thank you."


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